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Attention to Details: An Āsana Practice

24 abr 2022 - 24 abr 2022

  • 1día


**Sunday, April 24 **10A - 11.30P **$2200 per person ($4000, combo when also booking "Yoga Philosophy and Introduction to Sanskrit") Inviting more mindfulness into the practice of āsanas. By deliberately engaging four aspects of āsanas- foundation, muscle engagement, alignment and breath we learn to cultivate a more intimate and safer relationship with our movements practice. We will explore this as we execute 15, or so of the most accessible āsanas. This will enable us to attain the goals of stability, steadiness, happiness and absolute relaxation in a stress free way. According to Patanjali, we will also be freed from the attack of dualities. As an added feature, I will introduce you to a handful of therapeutic acupressure points that can be comfortably self-administered during practice.


JMD 2,200.00


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