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2 abr 2022 - 2 abr 2022

Egyptian Belly Dance

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Saturday, April 2 10:30-12:30pm $3500 Journey with your instructor, Lisa Lej, to Ancient Egypt, to learn the ancient art of belly dance! Your core is your foundation. During your 2 hour adventure, you will find that you will use muscles that you may not have used before that will help in weight loss around the waist and build abdominal muscles. Belly Dance is a fun way to tone the belly and strengthen and maintain important muscles around your reproductive organs and digestive system. Bring along your props and costumes to help boost your confidence and excitement to engage in this practice. You will find that you are excited to work out consistently because of the creativity that is involved. Requirements: Water Face towel Comfortable gym wear (eg. leggings and fitted top) Bright smiles


JMD 3,500.00


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